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Military Tartan Company searched for and created a manner for our US Forces military to honor their service legacies in a unique and distinctive manner. Military Tartan Company provides that opportunity by sourcing bespoke tartan apparel in the most common military tartan sett of each of the five US Forces.   

We offer neckties and cummerbunds with matching bow tie for gentlemen, and Marine Corps Tartan pashminas for the ladies. Long sleeved sport shirts in the  5  Service  tartan  setts are  now  available.  

What are Military Tartans?

For generations militaries have identified themselves by means of emblematic accoutrements, whether they be badges, crests, medals or the like. Our British cousins are unique amongst militaries with the use of regimental attire, notably the clan or unit kilt and custom regimental striped neckwear.   

Former, retired, currently serving military or family members proud of their family's military service to Country can now stylishly showcase that connection and support by wearing the US military tartan of their choice. All US Forces have registered tartans with the official repository for tartan lineage in Scotland. This is the Scottish Tartan Authority. None of the most common US Forces tartans are restricted, meaning any person who can claim an affiliation with one of the five US Forces - Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard may wear apparel made from these tartan patterns. With the exception of the Coast Guard none of the US Forces registered tartans are considered "Official" by the Headquarters of the individual US Service. As such no mention is made in current Uniform Regulations regarding the authorized wearing of the Service tartan with any part of any uniform. The tartan is for wear in a civilian attire context.  

Wear Your Tartan with Pride

Once you hang up the uniform it is no longer necessary to loose your hard won Service legacy and heritage. No need to try to fit into a dress uniform that doesn't quite fit as comfortably as it once did.  You now have a more comfortable option! You can proudly showcase your service heritage in a more sophisticated and relaxed manner whether wearing a tuxedo with a tartan vest and matching bow tie, or just the tartan cummerbund and bow tie. Not quite that formal?..wear your tartan necktie with blazer and slacks. Your tartan identifies you by Service in a very comfortable and stylish manner.  

About Custom Tartan Products

All our neckwear and cummerbunds  are custom made from 100% New Scottish Wool and bespoke tailored for us by genuine craftsman who understand the pride you have in your past or continuing military service. Pashminas and scarves are a cashmere blend.  

We manufacture our products in small quantities to maintain quality. Because of that receipt of some orders may take up to 4 weeks.


Due to the nature of custom tailoring like items may not have identical pattern repeats.  


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